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 The International Profiler (TIP) ©

TIP is a web-based psychometric questionnaire with a focus on international (management) competences. 10 competencies with 22 linked capabilities. During the feedback process, we determine how effectively the present management strategies fit the actual goals (gap analysis) and how the required competencies can be expanded and built up.


For goal-oriented coaching programmes and transfer-oriented workshops, for efficient support of foreign assignments, to serve as a basis for diagnoses of HR activities and manager developments.

By the way: international management competencies correlate in many areas with management competencies in any complex environment — nationally as well.

 The International Trust in Teams Indicator (ITTI) ©

Trust: the essential prerequisite for any product cooperation, but one which is so hard to pin down.
The results of an internationally valid online questionnaire provide to clients an analysis of where the differences between as-is and target identified by the team as obstructing the optimal work capability of the team can be found.


The International Trust in Teams Indicator (ITTI) enables precisely focused processes which initiate exactly the changes leading to the greatest growth in trust and consequently to efficiency, achievement of goals and innovative strength.

Also available as a management feedback tool: The International Leadership Trust Indicator (ILTI).

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