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What does it really take to be successful as an expat manager? It is definetely NOT about intercultural check-lists. Read about our insights and solutions.

New Perspectives_Jan2013: International Communication Skills – Boost your internation

Read on if any of the following applies to you: (1) At least some of your work is across borders, e.g. your efficiency and effectiveness partly relies on the quality of your communication across borders. (2) You communicate as native or non-native speaker via email, phone or face-to-face with (other) non-native speakers.

Meetings that Add Value (or Meetings that people won’t want to miss)

Machen Ihre Meetings wirklich Sinn? Wird dadurch etwas erreicht, was Sie auf keinenm anderen Weg erreichen können? Wenn nicht, könnte es Zeit sein, neue Meeting-Wege zu gehen

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