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Coaching is a holistic, goal-oriented development and feedback process resting on pillars of solid methodology and focusing on the professional environment, incorporating at the same time your own personality.

The coachee finds new perspectives and ideas for specific solutions to concrete situations and challenges.

Pragmatic, precise fit, meaningful and sustainable.

Transition Coaching

Times of transition and changes in management abound with opportunities as well as risks and personal challenges for both employees and managers at all levels.
They are expected to produce quick results on unknown territory with a team that must be reshaped into a newly functioning unit.

Transition coaching helps the coachee to concentrate on the key aspects necessary for the fresh start and to prepare a working environment which lays the groundwork for excellent results.

Fresh Start as Manager


Typical topics:

Transition to Management/Top Management Position


Typical topics:

Expat Coaching

The complexity of the demands made on managers on foreign assignment is regularly underestimated or wrongly appraised by the environment, even by experienced expatriates and managers.

Studies prove: a high percentage of (top) managers on foreign assignment choose ineffective strategies incurring high costs for the organisation, either because of a lack of knowledge or because of false understanding of management!

That is not inevitable!

Provided that you have the courage and honesty to question yourself and to be prepared to change what has proven successful in the past.

Typical topics:

*We utilise the online tool “The International Profiler” for the analysis.

Repat Coaching


The reintegration of every expat requires intensive personal and organisational work to effect the necessary changes after he or she has spent years of great responsibility and tremendous development abroad. Repats do not simply return; they start anew in every respect.

Repat coaching ensures that competent employees who are holders of key knowledge can be retained by the company after their return!

Typical topcis:

Process Coaching

Successful generation of a triad comprising orientation — positioning (transition coaching) — stabilisation is an important step in the direction of management success.

Excellent managers regard it as self-evident that they will question their own actions, learn from their mistakes and strike out on new paths.

Process coaching offers: blunt feedback, stabilisation and further development. Lessons learnt, evaluation, mastering crises, new approaches, other perspectives.

Coaching for Project Management


The demands made on project management are considerable and increase along with the complexity and scope of the project. Management on a project must take a different tack from management on the line if it is to be successful.

Coaching offers an efficient platform for the analysis of the concrete project requirements and the further development of one’s own project management competence.

Coaching for Managers (Line)

There is no one-size-fits-all management style. The more heterogeneous an environment, the more decisive a differentiated treatment and approach in combination with strict goal orientation become.

In other words: management must and is permitted to be individual. Hearing this statement will cause many to feel a sense of relief and freedom to pursue revealed opportunities, but it also brings with it a challenge: to take the road less travelled and to strike out on your own.


typical topics:

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