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Team Coaching

As the complexity of demands and the internationalisation of companies rise, team coaching is becoming increasing decisive for success.
Frequent shifts in general conditions require constant review and redefinition of positions on the team, especially when new team members are added.

Identification with and working towards a common goal become more significant, yet simultaneously more difficult, as complexity of the tasks grows. Lack of clarity about objectives is a decisive factor behind problems of all kinds: 80% of team conflicts result because of a lack of clarity or acceptance concerning objectives.
Branch office, departmental and personal interests are often contrary to one another so that there is a high potential for conflicts.

Looking inward is no longer adequate. No team, no matter how good it is, can set itself on a course of success. Experienced facilitators bring with them the required expertise and the impartial viewpoint of the unbiased judge.

High-performance Teams

Characteristics of High-performance Teams

In terms of people

In terms of the team


Our Approach

Consultation and support can accompany processes in the form of team coaching or of measures successively building on one another, according to the specific situation and objective.

Team coaching ensures that there is a focus on the major aspects and their development so that the capability for action can be improved.

One analysis tool which we such successfully utilise especially for international teams is the International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI)©.

Teams in Change


Every time a relevant change occurs, the team’s work capability must be renewed and secured — consciously and deliberately. One thing will certainly not happen: it will not just “come out in the wash”!

Team coaching is change management at the team level: people who have inwardly given their notice do not have a chance of blocking results; people are brought on board and learn how to deal with the changes. The conditions for a new high-performance team are created!

Our Approach

The concrete situation in each case determines the form and content of the initiatives.

International Teams

For more than 10 years, we have been examining and reviewing the structures and management and consulting competencies which are required for productive international cooperation and teams.

Success Factors

Relevant success factors for international teams are identical with those of national high-performance teams. in key respects.

Achieving Goals

However, successful implementation in each team’s own everyday routines of work and projects is many times more complicated: the work is carried out (semi-)virtually. Goals must be achieved jointly with a large number of different stakeholders and actors within general conditions of extraordinary complexity — and usually under tremendous pressures of time and expectations for team leadership and team.

We, the consultants and facilitators, require specific additional knowledge and well-considered know-how from experience as well if we are to adapt our approach in such a way as to make reliable results possible. Simply translating the methodology learned in the past and applying it in English will not get the job done!

applying it in English will not get the job done!
Optimal work capability and productivity cannot be brought about — not without great loss from friction, at any rate — from within because of the extreme complexity.

This is where a division of labour makes good sense: take advantage of our experience and competence as international integration partners and facilitators and our unbiased perspectives from the outside for your goals.

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