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Kan Consulting

KAN CONSULTING looks back today on 12 years of service as a reliable partner for support during the implementation of change processes which lay the foundation for sustained economic success and growth.

Using specific and internationally recognised tools, KAN CONSULTING encourages clients to step outside the bounds of their habitual patterns of thinking, gaining fresh perspectives.

KAN CONSULTING’s clients typically perform in a mix of differing corporate cultures and cultures with few constants to serve as anchor points. Every change gives rise to the need for action — the previous structures no longer suffice. Successfully shaping the new unit and integrating it into the corporate structure and related processes is a major priority.

Our years of international experience across cultural boundaries help us to come up with the solution to tasks of such complexity while we are equally at home in the national German-speaking environment. Our methods explore greater depths than usual, where we uncover potential relevant for success. We see ourselves as a source of inspiration and sparring partner for our clients — this is what enables us to initiate important processes.

KAN CONSULTING puts the ways and means for productively managing transformation into your hands.

Change creates opportunity! Change processes make growth possible!


Anne Niesen

New perspectives! — fresh insights and viewpoints to bring about change; new perspectives and solutions for the future.

Anne Niesen, the owner of KAN CONSULTING and a certified organisation developer and coach, has successfully provided advice, training and support for processes since 1999.

The focus of her work: team development, leadership, support and integration of change — nationally and internationally.

Moreover, she has been aiding clients for more than 10 years as they establish themselves professionally, whether in a role as managers, team or organisation for the international market.

Anne Niesen is also a recognised expert on Japan.

Her clients value her solution-oriented work methods and her ability to create a framework which makes change possible. Anne Niesen never loses sight of the overall context and the big picture while simultaneously revealing aspects relevant for success which are often hidden away.



Successful solutions cannot be found without an exact fit of skills. Larger-scale projects cannot be realised without a team.

We have built up an exclusive network of consultants — nationally and internationally — so that we can draw on a pool of genuine core competencies.

One important selection criterion (besides the obvious one of a high level of professionalism) is an ethical approach corresponding fundamentally to our own values

Your benefit: everything from a single source in verified quality.



Our actions are driven by the motivation to initiate changes, to aid in their realisation and to identify for our clients the paths which are appropriate to their situation and lead to meaningful goals.


Our goal is to hear you say: KAN CONSULTING was the best partner for US!

Our Services

Laying the foundation for work in a spirit of partnership — Assuring sustainability — Enabling growth.

Our Convictions

We are proud of the tool kit we have compiled and our process competence. We orient our work to finding solutions. Our work is based on an attitude of respect and appreciation for people, only one of the aspects enhanced by our experience with other cultures.

Constant, ongoing development of content and personal traits, critical reflection on our own activities, active work in professional associations and feedback from our clients are deeply ingrained in our professionalism..

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